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Welcome to Total Element Inc.

Welcome to Total Element Inc! We provide exterior property maintenance and earthworks services for private and commercial clients throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We are the perfect choice for providing professional work and services that make and keep your property looking and performing its very best.


Regardless of whether you require new earthworks services such as excavating, backfilling, sub grading, or final grading for approval or property maintenance services including driveway replacement, minor asphalt repairs, parking lot cleaning, parking line painting, snow removal, landscaping, or mowing, Total Element will get the job done right and on time.


You can count on the Total Element team for professional results. Our heavy equipment operators have no less than 2 years and up to 35 years experience which means you get an excavator that knows how to get the job done right. Those that perform snow removal service, asphalt driveway repair, landscaping, lawn maintenance and other services are also thorough and professional in their duties. Our performance is driven by our commitment to meet your expectations and we continually strive to raise the bar.


If you require earthworks for new construction, or simply need Edmonton minor asphalt repair, snow removal, or other similar property maintenance services, contact Total Element, Inc for a FREE Quote today and get your property improvement project off to the right start.