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Property Maintenance

At Total Element Inc, we pride ourselves in providing professional property maintenance services in Edmonton that both meet client expectations and that are done on time.


Following are some of the top services that we offer. Contact us for more information on these or other services not mentioned.


Landscaping – Total Element Inc provides complete Edmonton landscaping services for both commercial and private home owners.


Mowing & Lawn Care – Proper lawn maintenance is vital for keeping properties looking their best. Our team of professionals can provide lawn mowing services and other lawn care requirements in Edmonton to busy commercial and rental property managers and private home owners.


Snow Removal – Our snow removal service keeps driveways, parking lots and other important access areas free of snow buildup so that traffic can flow freely during winter months.


Minor Asphalt Repairs – Asphalt roads, driveways and parking lots can take a beating from Alberta’s extreme weather swings. By utilizing the expertise of Total Element, Edmonton minor asphalt repair can prevent large, expensive and time consuming projects in the future.


Parking Lot Cleaning – Keeping your parking lot areas clean ensures both the safety and satisfaction of your customers. By scheduling parking lot cleaning in Edmonton from Total Element Inc, you maintain the attractiveness and performance quality of your parking areas.


Parking Line Painting – As parking lines fade due to wear and adverse element, customers are more apt to be involved in accidents or create chaotic parking patterns that annoy others. A simple call to Total Element for parking line painting helps prevent accidents and improve customer satisfaction through clear and organized parking.